Unique Saving Tips for New Parents

New parents looking for money saving tips while holding baby

As a new parent, we’re sure you’ve been peppered with advice.

Plus, the internet is overflowing with tips for parents looking to economize on their new-baby lifestyle. But when you hardly have time to read the tips, you most definitely lack the time to do them.

In this light, we’ve rounded up some of the more unique saving tips that are easy to do for a busy parent. They’re so easy, in fact, you could practically do them in your sleep!

Tip #1: Let Your Sponges Work Double Time

By recommending you cut your sponges in half, mom.me offers a dual lifestyle hack. You save money on sponges and the need to clean the dirty ones. Just toss the used half away or into the dishwasher for a deep clean and grab the second. Hey, that’s not half-bad!

Tip #2: Host a Family Swap

Your gently used kids’ clothes can be treasures to other new parents. Set up a communal swap between friends (and friends-of-friends) and older kids’ toys and sports equipment might be just what your little ones are growing into. Added bonus: it’s a fun activity between friends and you can unload your junk in the process.

Tip #3: Unplug Appliances

No, you probably can’t fully disconnect from the world anytime soon, no matter how exhausted you are. But on the bright side, Better Homes & Gardens claims that unplugging just half of your appliances can save you up to $10 per month! Tuck that cash into a separate account and you’re on your way to a new savings plan.

Tip #4: Avoid the Temptation

The HuffPost hits a popular vice when they warn of the “Target temptation.“ Home goods stores are the best for gift shopping and décor inspiration. But let’s get real, it’s hard to curb the craving to shop in an environment designed for impulse buys. Find another store to buy your household goods and leave the other stuff for your fun fund.

Tip #5: Throw a Diaper Party

Once you had a life where “diapers” and “parties” never shared a sentence. Now a diaper party might be the most exciting thing to happen all year! Sometimes known as a man’s baby shower, diaper parties need not require men, beer or even invitations. The host supplies food and drinks and ask your friends to show up with one item and one item only: a pack of diapers. Just be sure you have the variety of sizes to accommodate that growing bum. (Spoiler alert: you’ll go through thousands and thousands and thousands.)

Tip #6: Get Away From It All

Who can dispute Business Insider’s statement that “It’s hard to spend money in the forest?” Parks, gardens, lakes and libraries are all spots you can enjoy yourselves for free. Plus, by finding free activities, you’re modeling good habits for your kids, too.

Tip #7: Say Sayonara to Shoes

Perhaps an obvious point, babies don’t walk. However, there are so many adorable (and pricey) baby shoes on the market! Instead of spending $30 or more on a pair of baby shoes, slip on soft booties for outside wear and keep baby barefoot while inside. Hot tip from parent.com: bare little toes apparently help babies walk better anyway.


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